5 Common Reasons Your Teeth Turn Yellow & Dark

Yellowing teeth are one of the most common dental problems people struggle with throughout their adult years. There are several reasons for this. We’re going to examine five of them.

  1. Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is one of the primary reasons people get yellow teeth. Stains build up on the teeth over time from things we eat and drink. These need to be brushed away regularly. Poor oral hygiene also allows acids to build up in our mouth which can etch the enamel of the teeth and allow more of the yellowish color of the inner dentin layer show through. Proper brushing with a fluoride-based toothpaste helps restore your enamel.

  1. Smoking.

smoking picSmoking cigarettes or other tobacco products can leave yellow nicotine stains on your teeth, which can even turn brown over time. It is important to reduce smoking not only because it’s bad for your overall health but also because nicotine stains are some of the hardest stains to remove.

  1. Diet

Certain types of foods and drinks can easily make your teeth yellow. Common ones include black tea, red wine, dark sodas, and sports drinks, sugary food items like candy and gooey sweets. If you’re afraid something is going to stain your shirt, it will also stain your teeth.

  1. Age

Old age comes with its troubles and yellowing of the teeth is one of them. It happens because the outer layer of the teeth called enamel, that protects the teeth, starts to thin over time. It is a naturally grayish color that is actually translucent. The layer below the enamel called the dentin is yellowish in color. That is why when the outer layer thins with age, more of the yellowish dentin shows through the enamel.

  1. Illness & Medication

Sometimes people get discolored teeth due to radiation or chemotherapy. Certain antibiotics or medications (particularly those that are sulfa based) can darken or stain the teeth. Conditions or adverse reactions to medications that include vomiting can also stain teeth.

For more information about how your lifestyle habits are affecting your teeth and how we can help, call Avatar Dental Care and talk to Dr. Ali at (571) 577-9961. Avatar Dental Care has financing options available, and we offer discounts to senior citizens and veterans. You don’t have to live with dingy, yellow teeth anymore.

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