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Dental Implants with Dr. Talib Salim Ali

Have you lost an alveolar bone due to an infection and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry because Avatar Dental Care has your back. Dr. Talib Salim Ali has 15-years of experience in the field of dentistry and has performed dental implant surgery hundreds of times. His hands are skilled and you’ll be greeted with the utmost generosity and warmth.

Dental implants become necessary when you lose a tooth root. These implants provide a foundation for the synthetic teeth which are made to match your natural teeth. It doesn’t matter if you have lost one tooth or a whole set, because the dental implants we offer can fix it all.

Delaying your dental implant surgery can prove to be lethal if you have an infection. Visit Dr. Ali at Avatar Dental Care today and he will not only take care of all your dental implants but will also give you special price of only $950 for the procedure. So make the right choice and call us at (703) 669-8600.

Let’s be honest, dental implant surgery is expensive, and that’s why we are willing to offer a final price of only $950 for anyone who wants to get the procedure done. But we understand that you want to make sure that dental implants are really needed. Here are a couple of reasons why you should start to think about coming to Dr. Ali for the implants.

  • The implant will help you correct your speech which may have been compromised due to dentures which keep falling off your gums. Stop embarrassing yourself and visit our practice in Leesburg, VA for a quick consultation.
  • When you lose one or many alveolar bones, your facial features begin to distort. During a dental implant surgery, the implant will fuse with the bone and become permanent. As a result, your appearance will go back to the way it initially was.
  • Dental implants will help you get your smile back and as a result, you will feel happier and more confident. Because of which, your self-esteem will also rise.
  • Finally, our practice in Leesburg will make sure that the implants function like your natural teeth so you can chew all your favorite foods properly.

Benefit from our great special going on right now, and get dental implants for only $950 at Avatar Dental Care!

We at Avatar Dental Care treat our patients like our family. We understand that since the inside of a mouth is a particularly vulnerable area, you might have reservations about someone digging a hole in there. To make you feel comfortable, Dr. Ali will answer all questions related to dental implants including dental implants types, dental implants cost, dental implants life expectancy, dental implants complications and dental implants surgery.

You don’t need to worry about feeling any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure because you will be given a local anesthetic which will numb the area where the implant is being placed. With a 98% success rate, these implants will last a lifetime.

Call now at (571) 577-8457 to book an appointment with Dr. Talib Salim Ali or visit our clinic in Leesburg, VA for a consultation. Hurry up, this special offer will not last a lifetime!

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Avatar Dental Care Video Testimonial
Avatar Dental Care Video Testimonial

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