Dental Implants and All the Facts You Need to Know

It’s a proven fact that 69% of adults, between 35 to 44, have lost one or more of their permanent teeth which in return can cause the remaining teeth to have tooth decay or gum disease. An even bigger surprise is the proven fact – approximately 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth by the age of 74. Ouch!

Unfortunately, changes like this are sometimes inevitable. It’s a normal process we all go through as we age – as our bodies age. However, don’t focus on the not-so-bright side of having to smile and not show a set of beautiful teeth. Because today, we have technology to help! Most of us have already heard of tooth implants, dental implants, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Tooth implant procedure in Leesburg can change your smile, help you look younger, and hide any impurities.

What is a tooth or dental implant?

A dental implant dentist Leesburg will replace your lost tooth and its root with a replacement tooth called a dental implant directly into your jaw. Sounds painful, right? Actually, a tooth implant procedure in Leesburg is less painful and frightening than it sounds. For years, many have undergone this procedure.

Let’s summarize what a dental implant dentist Leesburg would consider to be benefits of an implant:

  •        Cosmetically looks and functions like a natural tooth – Each implant is customized to fit your mouth and blends well with other teeth
  •        Once the implant in placed, it will not harmfully affect your remaining natural teeth
  •        Bone is preserved – some of the bones surrounding the tooth begin to resorb with the bridge
  •        The main focus is to keep the bone healthy and intact while giving you a new cosmetic look

Before pursuing a tooth implant procedure in Leesburg, verify the following list with your dental implant dentist:

  •        Exact tooth problem
  •        How many teeth are affected
  •        How healthy your jawbone is
  •        Your patient health
  •        Procedure cost
  •        Any custom preferences during the procedure

How will the implant be placed?

There are a few facts in dental implant procedures in Leesburg that you need to know:

  •        The implant looks like a screw or cylinder placed in the jaw
  •        Immediately after the procedure, during the following 2 to 6 months, the implant and the bone are going to combine to make an anchor for the artificial tooth
  •        A temporary tooth replacement option can be worn where the implant is located or was placed

After the procedure, you will be in a recovery/monitoring stage. Around the sixth month, the implant will need to be uncovered and an extension needs to be attached. A temporary healing cap will be placed on the base while your gums heal for the next few weeks. In some instances, depending on which dental implant dentist Leesburg is used, you will not need to worry about the sixth month checkup because the extension piece could already have been attached during your initial procedure. Ask your dentist, which system they will be using for you.

Dental implant specials in Leesburg can help financially with your procedure. Check with our dental implant dentist today to see what specials are currently being offered, if any. Stop holding back and have the tooth implant procedure in Leesburg you have been waiting for!

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