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We're a Leading Cosmetic Dentist in Leesburg, VA. Dr. Talib Salim Ali Can Help You Get The Smile You Desire At Discounted Rates!

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Dr. Talib Salim Ali

Dr. Talib Salim Ali is one of the most experienced dentists in Leesburg, VA. He has been working in Leesburg, VA as a dentist for years and has helped thousands of patients by offering numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures and other dental services like dental implants and dental bonding.

Dr. Talib Salim Ali loves what he does and is offering huge discounts on dental procedures in Leesburg, VA to his new and old patients.

Dr. Ali and his experienced team have been catering to dental patients in the Leesburg, VA for years. A variety of dental services are offered at Avatar Dental Care, and all procedures are performed by experts.

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Avatar Dental Care Video Testimonial
Avatar Dental Care Video Testimonial
Avatar Dental Care Video Testimonial

Special Offers

10% OFF Any Cosmetic Procedure!

If you've been looking to undergo a cosmetic procedure but your finances end up being a hurdle, get in touch with Avatar Dental Care! We are now offering 10% off any of our high quality cosmetic dental procedures including: dental bonding, dental crowns, dental bridges, and teeth whitening.

$900 OFF Invisalign & Braces!

If you have been wanting to fix those misaligned teeth or get rid of that gap, now you can get dental braces at a reduced cost! Avatar Dental Care is now offereing up to $900 off for orthodontics procedures, including braces.

Dental Implants For Only $950!

Dr. Talib Salim Ali specifically focuses on dental implants and is offereing a huge discount to his dental patients in Leesburg, VA! The FINAL price is only $950, if you decide to undergo dental implant surgery at Avatar Dental Care.

For more information on discounts for dental procedures and to get the smile you’ve always wanted, contact Avatar Dental Care at
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