How to Make Dental Fillings Less Dreadful For Your Kids

According to studies, almost 10% of children and adolescents in America suffer from dental anxiety or fear. Dental fillings in particular can be a very frightening experience for kids.

As a parent, you can help prepare your child for their visit to the dentist, especially when it comes to dental fillings.

Here are a few things you can do to make the process of dental fillings easier for your child:

Educate the Child Gently About Dental Fillings

If your child needs to have a tooth filled, don’t talk about their coming dental visit as a punishment. According to the recent research, almost 40 million Americans suffer from some form of dental phobia, and negative childhood experiences are a big contributing factor.

It’s important to tell your child that the dentist is their friend who is going to make sure their mouth is clean and healthy. Avoid telling a child that they won’t experience any pain. If you keep saying everything is going to be fine and the child ends up feeling pain during treatment, he or she might lose trust in you and the dentist. Prepare your child for the possibility of pain without making it seem like a big problem.

Consult With the Doctor to Make the Treatment Go Smoother

Not all children are the same and so they react differently to different situations. Consult with the dentist about the available options such as music and/or videos to make the child feel comfortable.

Also, discuss with your dentist if laughing gas might be an option. Use of laughing gas also depends on the age and temperament of the child. It may be an option for older children or those who require multiple fillings. However, younger children may not like the numbing feeling and may end up chewing or biting on the numb area.

Provide Relief for Pain and Swelling

After the appointment, older children can usually handle the discomfort of the freezing wearing off better than younger children. Children are prone to chewing on the area which may increase the swelling. Don’t be alarmed if swelling stays for a couple of days. Use cold compresses for the first 24 hours, then moist heat compresses after that if needed.

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