The Perfect Guide to a Root Canal Treatment

One of the most feared dental processes in dentistry, a root canal or endodontics, has many myths surrounding it. Firstly, they believe it is too painful.. Secondly, many consider it to be a ’choice’, not understanding the urgency of a root canal. Both these beliefs are merely ‘myths’, and this guide explains why.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Inside your tooth, there is a pulp which consists of all the nerve endings and tissues along with blood vessels. This pulp is connected to your tooth’s bone through the root canal. The pulp is often infected which requires a root canal surgery.

During a root canal procedure, dentists clean out the infected pulp and if the damage is not too serious, the rest of the tooth is stuffed will oral filling, which is a near-permanent solution, so to speak.

When tooth decay has gone past a certain limit and there simply isn’t anything left except for remnants of the gum, the dentist will replace the pulp with a latex derivative known as Gutta Percha. Once that is done, your tooth is dead. In the end the dentist will install a crown, completing the root canal therapy.

While it may sound like a scary and painful procedure to undergo, you can put all your worries to rest because root canal is now a painless procedure thanks to the availability of sedatives. At Avatar Dental Care we provide the best sedation services and will make sure you are at ease.

Why Do We Need it?

Tooth decay due to cavities tops the reason why you need root canals. The infection slowly festers within your tooth until all the pulp is gone. The infection proceeds to move slowly towards the root canal and that can be very detrimental to your health on a whole. To prevent this, we at Avatar Dental Care, perform endodontics in order to prevent the complete extraction of your tooth.

Why Root Canal Treatment?

Most pain bearers take the simplest route and that is to completely extract the tooth. The pain when your tooth is decaying is unimaginable, so we understand the distress you’re feeling at the time. But no sensible dentist will give you extraction as your first option, because the tooth is intact inside the gum. We aim to clean out the infected pulp so that:

1. The tooth remains intact to prevent further complications

2. The root canal is not affected as an abscess can form.

3. The tooth if removed, will cause the other teeth to compensate and shift their positions.

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