Tooth-Friendly Holiday Foods

3 Ways to Make Holiday Foods More Tooth-Friendly

The holidays are always celebrated with delicious food and great company. However, because of the tasty dishes served during the season, we tend to forget about our oral health. Sometimes, we end up eating and drinking way more than expected, and this puts our teeth and gums at risk of infection. As we age, our dental health deteriorates, and holiday indulgences may speed up the development of oral foods

If you’re the one who’s cooking, you can control your menu this holiday and keep your family from experiencing oral problems. Before preparing your holiday menu, here are some ways to make your dishes more tooth-friendly.

1. Don’t use too much sugar

Many recipes, especially holiday desserts, call for large measurements of sugar. Often times, these recipes come out to be very sweet and decadent. You can reduce the sugar content of your dishes by using less sugar than what is indicated in the original recipe. Cutting back sugar to 70% may not affect the taste a lot, but it can help make the dessert healthier and less damaging to teeth.

2. Choose less acidic options

Many acidic ingredients have counterparts that are not as harmful to the teeth. For instance, if you’re preparing a pasta dish, you can substitute a cream sauce in lieu of tomato sauce which is highly acidic. Pesto or oil-based sauces are also good options. When it comes to beverages, soda and alcohol are two of the most acidic drinks you can serve at a party. Substitute them with mocktails (non-alcoholic drinks inspired by cocktails), fresh fruit juices, or fruit-infused water. You can also reduce their acidity by adding ice to the drinks to help dilute them.

3. Prepare desserts in small servings

When cooking dessert, you can’t exactly control the size of the pan or tray. However, you can control the servings by pre-cutting them and placing them in individual containers. For instance, you can cut up your pie into 18 equal slices and only serve 1 slice for each family member. This will regulate their dessert intake and minimize sugar consumption.

Holidays are always fun, but they don’t need to be unhealthy. Using the right ingredients and planning the perfect menu will help you control what your family is eating. And finally, don’t forget to get a dental consultation from Avatar Dental Care as soon as the holidays are over. Start your year right and keep your oral health in check!

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